our mission.

We aspire to uplift individuals to remain in existence by living memorably, practicing self-love and fostering dignity while enduring life’s hurdles.

our founders.

Endure Apparel started after we found ourselves  setting unrealistic goals based on the success of others--instead of enduring life and staying true to our passions. We started endure to help uplift others because we know life can be challenging. However, we learned not to take it for granted and to be happy in our hope, and stand our ground when in trouble.

We changed our mindset to accept that good values are socially constructive, controllable and reality-based. Instead of looking at life negatively we changed our perspective: Fostering dignity, living memorably, loving ourselves  went a lot further. Allowing us to endure what life has to offer. 

Jaleisa [Left] Kierra [Right]